Furniture Re-Spraying

Does your banqueting furniture look tired? Why buy new chairs when you can just respray?

At Style Seating we understand that sometimes it can be more economical to revitalise your existing wood or metal chairs.

Most hire or companies replenish their stock frequently as chairs can be mistreated, especially in the event and hospitality industry. After spending thousands of pounds on your hire stock, it’s essential to keep your furniture regularly maintained and refurbished.

With a vast array of wood and lacquer finishes available, we can match any RAL colour with paints from the very best UK Manufacturers.

Whether you are trying to update your colour theme or restore your furniture back to the original colour, we can help you refresh your hire stock with our respraying services.

Our highly experienced maintenance team will renew your chairs, keeping them looking fresh and vibrant and it will save you having to buy new chairs!

See our powder coating team in action!

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